The BEGUDÀ WWTP ENLARGEMENT PROJECT IN THE MUNICIPALITY OFSANT LES FONT Shas been completed.The project has been carried out jointly between Corpi Obras y Construcciones and Corpi GIA

The remodelling and expansion work of the treatment plant include:
  • Stakeout survey.
  • Sitepreparationand earthmovements.
  • Installation of the new collector untilpre-treatment.
  • Construction of coarsepit, inlet pumping,screen and bars channels,aerated grit chambers.
    Construction of civil works for the new biological reactors.
  • Construction of the services building.
  • Construction of the new water line.
  • Construction of the new sludge line.
  • Construction of the new air line.
  • New power lines and electrical installation.
  • Installation of equipment.
  • Control installation.
  • Urbanization (roads, pavements, green spaces, restoration of the environment)

The expansion of the treatment plant allows treating a Flow of 3.000 m3/d. The stages are asfollows:

  • Primary well with clam shell bucket.
  • Two channels, one with screening and the other with bar racks.
  • Pumping well up to 224 m3/h.
  • Grit remover-degreaser equipped with grease removal system and sand pumping system with classifier.
  • Two new SBR-type biological reactors with a unit volume of 1.200 m3. Aeration system with blowers and diffusers, with mixers for anoxic periods. They include an oxygen and POR probe. They include a clarified water extraction system by DECANTER.
  • Blower room.
  • Sludge pump room.
  • Centrifuge.
  • Control room with SCADA.