The production of salads and other raw vegetables in the FLORETTE factory, located in Tortosa (Tarragona), generates a high current of water with a high solid content that must be removed. In this project, an automatic system for the removal of solids (remains of green leaves and other vegetal materials) is installed, so that the water remains free of solids and can be reused in the same process.

The project consists of different submerged pumps to transfer and drive the water to a storage tank and a solids retention system made up of a sieve and a compactor. The operation is fully automatic thanks to the installation of sensor level and flow meters.

Solid removal is carried out in an automatic rotary screen, designed and built entirely by Corpi-Gia. The equipment is made of AISI-304 stainless steel and has a hydraulic capacity of 200 m3 / h, the diameter of the drum is 628 mm and the length is 1900 mm. The mesh size is 0.5 mm.

The installation is complemented with a compactor to reduce the water content of the retained solids.
The result is the maximum reuse of water, so that global water consumption is reduced, achieving economic and environmental benefits.