Wastewater generated in the Camping El Delfin Verde (Pals, Girona) are already treated with the new ultrafiltration membranes manufactured by KOCH. The membrane installation and equipment retrofitting has been successfully executed by Corpi Gia.

New membranes are aerated with PULSION© System (less fouling and lower transmembrane pressure). The filtrations system has been designed to reduce energetic costs, for example; blower operating frequency changes with permeated flowrate and same thing happens with the biomass recirculation pump flowrate.

The filtration capacity is 1.000 m3/d with a maximum capacity of 1.700 m3/d. The membrane pores are 0,03 micron, then the permeated water has no suspended solids at all.

Water quality of treated water obtained with the ultrafiltration membranes allow us directly to reuse the water in irrigation because quality parameters of the regenerated water fully comply with the legislation limits.