CORPI delivers the Sports Pavilion at the 11 de Setembre Sports Complex, at Carrer Bonaventura Pedemonte 25, Sant Andreu de la Barca.

It is a prismatic building, 30.40*20.40*7.00 meters.

The constructive typology is

– Deep foundation by means of CPI-8 piles, with shallow piles and braces.

– Prefabricated porticoed structure, with pillars, flat girders, bracing beams and pre-stressed roof beams.

– Facade closure with prefabricated panels, painted finish.

– Deck type cover, with PVC sheet

– Concrete floor, with pit for sports equipment.

– Aluminum and glass locks on the windows and steel on the access doors.

– Sanitation, ventilation and climate facilities, electricity and lighting, fire detection and extinguishing, alarm and public address system

The works took place between February and November 2022.