CORPI GIA SL has carried out the renewal of the reverse osmosis membranes in the drinking water treatment facilities of the municipalities of Colera and Portbou.

The reverse osmosis membrane has a lifetime determined by the working conditions and hours of operation. Currently, the performance of the membranes was not adequate and their replacement with new membranes has allowed an increase in the flow of permeated water and has also reduced the salt content in the permeated water.

At the Colera WWTP, 54 membranes of the Hydranautics ESPA 2 LD model have been renewed in a two-stage installation. At the Portbou WWTP the number of membranes has also been 54 of the LG BW 400 ES L model.

CORPI GIA SL has overseen the removing of the obsolete membranes and the installation of the new membranes. Subsequently, commissioning was carried out with the appropriate electrical and hydraulic tests to guarantee the overall operation of the installation.