Water Treatment

CORPI, Gestió integral de l’aigua S.L. has a multidisciplinary team at the ready to deal with the challenges posed by industrial and urban water management. We have experience in and capacity for international projects.

We can provide integrated water management solutions, define strategies, design solutions and set up installations and treatment plants.

And you can be sure, we hold the needs of the client and maximum respect for the environment as inviolable premises.


Water Services

Designs and projects

Water treatment studies
Preliminary drafts
Estimates for wastewater and drinking water plants.
Tractament aigües

Installation and maintenance of equipment

Supply of equipment
Preventative system maintenance.
Tractament d'aigües

Construction of installations

Experience in a wide range of technologies.

Wastewater treatment management and control

Technical assistance
Legal consultancy on environmental regulations.
Tractament d'aigües

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