Installation works and hydraulic and electrical tests of the new dissolved air flotation system at Delafruit have been successfully completed.

The DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) type equipment has been designed and built by Corpi Gia. The treatment flow rate is 35 m3/h with an admissible load of solids up to 300 Kg/h.

The DAF unit acts as a biomass separator for the biological reactor biomass. Previously, the biological reactor functioned as an SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor). With the installation of the new DAF, the biological reactor can treat a higher organic load and, therefore, improve the performance in the removal of organic matter and suspended matter.

The DAF has been built entirely in stainless steel with a pressurization skid that works at 4 bar pressure and with more than 25 injection points of pressurized air to achieve correct biomass flotation on the entire surface of the float.

Flotation is controlled automatically thanks to different levels, pressure sensors, flow meters and frequency converters that allow adjustment of working parameters and reduction of reagent costs, in this case, flocculant.

The quality of the clarified water is continuously monitored through pH, ​​conductivity and turbidity probes. If a value outside the parameters is detected, an alarm is activated to warn the plant operator and the water is recirculated to avoid its discharge to the environment. In this way, you have always control over the quality water discharged.