CORPI GIA has designed, supplied, assembled and commissioned the installation of a drinking water plant for the new building of The Bulli Foundation located in Cala Montjoi (Roses).

The wells for groundwater abstraction are very close to the coast line and the aquifer suffers from sea waters intrusion, as a result salt water is not suitable for human consumption.

The water purification plant has all the stages to guarantee the quality of drinking water:

– Sand filter (to eliminate turbidity).

– Filter of manganese dioxide (to eliminate iron and manganese).

– Reverse osmosis membranes (to reduce the concentration of salts, especially chlorides).

– Remineralization (to adjust the pH and hardness).

– Chlorination (to guarantee the disinfection of water).

The purified water fulfills all the requirements expressed in RD 140/2003 and its modification according to RD902/2018 for human water comsumption.